Do you have land that could be used for a free-standing solar array? Is your agency or facility considering rooftop solar? SEDAC offers services for large and small agencies to assess solar feasibility on lands and facilities. We provide analysis and guidance on:

  • Suitability of land for solar development
  • Rooftop solar considerations
  • Economic considerations

Solar suitability analysis

SEDAC can systematically review agencies' land assets to identify sites that would be suitable for solar development. SEDAC has completed a solar land assessment study for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and is currently working with the Illinois Department of Transportation to identify sites that are suitable for solar development. Especially for organizations with large portfolios and land and buildings, we use mapping and solar screening techniques to identify sites that meet solar feasibility criteria.  SEDAC can also provide guidance and connect your agency with certified solar installers to determine if rooftop solar makes sense.

How will you procure solar?

Solar development can provide financial benefits through three potential mechanisms:

  • Power purchase agreements whereby an agency provides access to lands and then purchases power from the developer at a reduced rate
  • Direct installation whereby an agency is responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining solar panels and managing the power
  • Leasing of facilities and lands to a developer in return for regular lease payments

SEDAC can provide economic analysis to assist agencies in deciding which path is right for them. We can also direct your agency to grants and programs that can help make solar more economically feasible.

Other considerations

SEDAC can provide guidance for how to connect a solar array to your utility's electric distribution system and assist with the interconnection and net metering application process. In addition, many cities have requirements and zoning policies for installing solar. SEDAC can provide guidance for how to go through the permit process.

Get started

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